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Learn more about the services we offer and the key principles we put in place. Whether it is through partnering with you, implementation or coaching, our goal is to transform your ideas to reality through agile operations and tech developments.


Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code

We are able to support you in building, changing and versioning infrastructure safetly and efficiently. This allows a blueprint of your data center to be versioned and treated as you would any other code. In addition to this, we ensure that the infrastructure can be shared and re-used.

Infrastructure as Code is a type of IT setup where developers or operations teams automatically manage and provision the technology stack for an application through software, rather than using a manual process to configure discrete hardware devices and operation systems.

Technologies We Use


Continuous Integration & Deployment

We create multi-stage plans, set up triggers to start builds upon commits and assign agents to your critical builds and deployments. In addition to this, we run automated tests which makes catching bugs easier and faster.

Continuous Integration and Deployment is the practice of frequently pushing new code to the master branch – in some cases, multiple times a day. This process is often paired with automated testing and the reason why software development teams should embrace this process is because it eliminates problems like bugs and merge conflicts. Continuous Integration and Deployment will make ongoing maintenance and improvements easy, and even better, traceable.

Technologies We Use

CI/CD Service Breakdown

1) Continous Integration

We will configure a system for you so that every change and tranfer of the source code to the repository will start processes within the CI/CD pipeline. The automation mechanism will result in the constructon of a new artifact including test calls, static code analysis and all accompanying operations.

2) Automatic Deployment

We will build a pipeline that is adapted to  your needs. It will automatically deal with teh entire deployment process that is based on the proven Docker platform. This solution allows the creation ofoptimal project environment using minimial resources. 

The implementation of the Docker containers allows the use of physical, virtual or cloud resources.

Continuous Integration

& Deployment


DevOps as a Service (DaaS)

We identify and collect software development tools into a single tool-set that is hosted in the cloud where engineers, developers and operations can not only work in unity but have all their actions tracked to promote continuos delivery, integration and business value.

DevOps is much more than a change in the development process, it is a fundamental change to the business culture. It focuses on breaking down the walls between software development temas and business operations.

When these two groups come together as one, the core tech, code and software can be executed more quickly, bugs can be tested and fixed and the deployment process can be streamlined and enrolled more effectively.

Technologies We Use

DevOps Service Breakdown

1) Artifact Repository

We will configure the platform for you so that it will store the built-in version of your project in a secure repository. Such a solution enables easy communication with many different technologies, increases productivity and facilitates mutual integration.

2) Configuration and Optimization of the Environment

We will optimize the operation of your existing environment by implementing automation processes. We will design its optimal version in the cloud model and ensure a smooth migration using proven services.



We provide scalable, purpose-built big data platforms that adhere to best practices in data privacy, security, and governance using a combination of cloud-based big data management platforms and managed services. This fosters accurate analytics for enhanced software testing.

DataOps is an approach to designing, implementing and maintaining a distributed data architecture that will support a wide range of open source tools and frameworks in production.

DataOps involves integration and automation of processes between data engineers and data professionals and is critical in software development for learning and improvement.


Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

We offer Rapid Prototyping for your ideas and work through the stages in order to develop a minimum viable product

Prototyping gives everyone on a team a universal idea to work from and is a far more effective way to communicate an engineer’s intent than a group of static screenshots and descriptions. For example, a well created prototype can show an entire team exactly how an “on hover” state in a design should work, rather than leaving this open to interpretation.

Technologies We Use

Stages of Rapid Prototyping

1) Requirement Collection
  • This involves listing out what solutin the end product is going to solve and what key technologies and features much be put in place in order to make the product viable.
  • Requirement collection is a prerequisite for any form of development
2) Requirement Analysis
  • This stage involves stitching together wireframes and frameworks in order to get a greater idea of how each requirement and feature will be integrated together.
  • This stage is best for early validation of the information architecture, or common user journey within a website, app, or software
3) Functional & Non Functional Specification
  • This is where the core functions of the product are drawn out and tested against all the requirements. These functions are drawn up to visualize how every component of the code will work together.
  • This stage is best for getting concrete feedback on proposed finished designs from customers
4) Prototype
  • Once all the stages before this are completed, a prototype can be developed through a combination of tools and code. Once a prototype is developed, further feedback and testing will commence which will eventually lead to a minimum viable product.
  • This stages takes you to the real deal. Getting the prototype devleoped is a stepping stone to experiencing wthat the real product may out to be

Rapid Prototyping


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